Data To Knowledge Cluster

With advances in technologies, research community is flooded with ever-increasing dataset with different nature. Hence the need to locate, analyse and use these data becomes prominent for visualising and charting new discoveries. The research that falls in this cluster aims to develop new approaches, standards, methods, tools, and software that will enhance the use of these data by supporting research, implementation and training in data science. Hence the Data to Knowledge Cluster at the School of Computer Sciences has been expanded to consist of five sub clusters that encompasses Computational Intelligence, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Visual Informatics, Language Engineering and Knowledge Engineering.


Cluster Head


Profesor Abdullah Zawawi Hj. Talib

 Lab   Computational Intelligence
 Research Field   Intelligent System Techniques, Scheduling/Timetabling/Planning, Evolutionary Computing, Collective Intelligence & Brain Inspired Computing
Faculty   Prof. Ahamad Tajudin Khader (Co-ordinator), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim VenkatPn. Maziani SabudinDr. Umi Kalsom YusofDr. Wong Li PeiDr. Fadratul Hafinaz Hassan
 Lab   Computer Vision and Image Processing
 Research Field
  Image Analysis, Semantic Image and Video Knowledge Extraction, Evolutionary Computing, Image Retrieval & Multimodal Integration
Faculty   Prof. Mandava Rajeswari (Co-ordinator)
Lab   Visual Informatics
Research Field    Data Visualization, Information Visualization, Knowledge Visualization, Computer Graphics, Visual Analytics & Virtual Environment
Faculty   Prof. Abdullah Zawawi Haji Talib (Co-ordinator), Assoc. Prof. Bahari BelatonDr. Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan ZainonDr. Nur Intan Raihana Ruhaiyem
Lab   Knowledge And Language Engineering
Research Field   Natural Language Processing, Automated Translation, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Semantic Web Search & Text Summarization, Health Informatics, Knowledge Management and Engineering & Data Mining
Faculty   Dr. Tan Tien Ping (Co-ordinator),Assoc. Prof. Cheah Yu-N, Dr. Siti Khaotijah Mohamad, Dr. Gan Keng Hoon, Dr. Yap Fa Ton,