Security and Forensic Research Group won Gold Medal at Malaysia Technology Expo 2013

Developers and researchers from Security and Forensic Research Group (SFRG), led by Assoc. Prof. Aman Jantan
has won one out of three gold medal for Universiti Sains Malaysia in Malaysia Technology Expo 2013 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.
Dr. Aman Jantan, an Assoiate Professor at School of Computer Sciences USM has introduced EMFORCI - Email Forensic Tool
for Cyber Investigation at the exhibition to facilitate cyber-crime investigator as well as cyber forensic agent in
investigating cyber-crime cases involving emails such as fraud, scam, phishing, pornography, malware distribution, etc.
The system is enhanced with the abilities to perform intelligent analysis on the gathered emails, and develop the needed
case's profiles such as timeline and correlations or relevancies of email communications.
Assoc. Prof. Aman Jantan also said that EMFORCI is equipped with Password Extractor to extract password from an
email server in case an agent failed to get the needed password from suspected criminal.

This is the third product that has been introduced by Assoc. Prof. Aman Jantan since the successful of
Malware Analysis and Prediction System (MAPS) which secure the Gold Medal in International Invention,
Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2012 and Forensic Analysis and Discovery System (FADS) in Malaysia Technology Expo 2012.