Going Hi-Tech for Better Yield


Mohd Azam Osman (right) showing farmer Che Ahmad Saad, 65, how the system works

A GROUP of padi farmers in Simpang Empat Kangkong, here, are getting SMS alerts related to crop and farming activities, thanks to an innovation by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students.

The "GreenEve2Peace" system, a platform linking the farmers and the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA), would do away the traditional mail correspondence and public announcement between them in matters concerning farming and fertilising schedules, pest attacks or disease outbreaks.

The pilot project, which involved 20 farming units within MADA's C-IV Area Farmers Association, allowed farmers to get latest updates via SMS that can help to improve their farming and produce better crops.

USM School of Computer Sciences senior lecturer Mohd Azam Osman, who is also GreenEve2Peace project leader, said the application enabled quick, easy and cost-effective communication between MADA and the farmers.

"Based on our research, we found that it's crucial for padi farmers in the area to get current information disseminated through a systematic system.

"The innovative system is based on the students' final project which has won an Unlimited Potential Design for Development award at an international competition in Egypt in 2009.

"We've modified it to suit MADA's system and database," he said.      

Mohd Azam said GreenEve2Peace is cheap as it would cost about RM2,000 to send 5,000 SMS updates to 200 farmers per year.  

He said at the moment, 200 farmers are staying updated through the system in this pilot project.

He added that a  similar technology is being used in Japan.


News article dated 8th March 2012


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