PENANG, 8 March 2017 – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) continues to soar upwards in the results of the QS World University Ranking by Subjects 2017 announced today, with the subject of Hospitality and Leisure Management, being listed for the first time in the QS rankings, positioned at number 32 in the world and the subject achieving the highest position from USM.

In addition, four other subjects are positioned at the world top 50, compared to only one subject the previous year, 13 subjects positioned at the world top 100 and 25 subjects from USM being in the world top 200 listing. 

The four subjects are Chemical Engineering which is at number 38 compared to previously at 46, Environmental Sciences (#49), Engineering - Mineral & Mining (#35) and Hospitality & Leisure Management (#32).

The USM Vice-Chancellor,Professor Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail extends her congratulations to all universities in Malaysia, having improved their achievements this year and proving that the higher education system in the country has the potential to advance further in the future.

“I am delighted to see significant improvements in the achievements by USM and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and extend my gratitude to the whole USM community for their contributions on this achievement,” added Asma.

In Malaysia, eight subjects offered at USM are in the top position, comprising of science and arts subjects, namely Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Engineering - Mineral & Mining, Architecture/Built Environment, Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Art & Design, Material Sciences and Mathematics.

Five categories in which the subjects have been classified are Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences & Medicine, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences & Management.

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Master Trainer Training on Computational Thinking & Computer Science Teaching

USM has been appointed as regional hub covering (i.e. penang, Kedah, Perlis and north of Perak) to serve as a professional learning community platform for educator communities involving teachers, school leaders and lecturers. One of the main delivery under regional hub umbrella is the "Teacher Certificate Program: Computational Thinking and Computer Science - Teaching Certificate". This course focus on problem solving that utilizes participants prior's knowledge in their subject area along with computational thinking skills and pedagogy in order to help them understand the nature and scope of problem. 

The initial training is given to the 6 selected universities (i.e. regional hub) so that later, they will train the teachers in their respective region (i.e. knowledge transfer). 

9 lecturers were involved from CS  (i.e. Dr Sukumar, Dr Ahmad Sufril Azlan, Puan Hasimah, Puan Maziani, En Azlan, Dr Manmeet, Dr Adib, Mr Sodhy and lead by Dr Zarul Fitri), USM for the initial training from 26 - Mac 2017 In Putrajaya. The same module used will be given to the teachers with 2 more additional tasks (i.e. programming project and classroom investigation). It is expected that this project will be executed in early April 2017 until September 2017.  

Written by: Dr. Zarul Fitri Zaaba
Picture by: Dr. Ahmad Sufril Azlan Mohamed

Dr. Jasy Liew Suet Yan: Doctoral Dissertation Award Runner Up 2017

Jasy Liew Suet Yan, a 2016 graduate of the Syracuse iSchool’s Ph.D. program is now a senior lecturer at the School of Computer Sciences, at the University of Science in Malaysia. Her dissertation research was also recognized with the Syracuse iSchool’s 2016 Doctoral Prize at Convocation. Her dissertation was titled “Fine-Grained Emotion Detection in Microblog Text.”

“I am honored to have my dissertation, written in blood, sweat and tears, recognized as making a significant contribution to the field of information science,” says Liew Suet Yan. “Given how diverse the research is in the competition, this award is especially gratifying and meaningful to me as it shows that the research community acknowledges the significance of the effort to better understand the richness of emotions expressed in text in order to help computer systems become more sensitive and accurate in recognizing human emotions. The field of information science is indeed a supportive breeding ground for research combining qualitative and computational methods to further our knowledge on emotion expressed in text.”

Liew Suet Yan notes that she is grateful for the support of her two dissertation co-advisors, former Syracuse iSchool faculty member Howard Turtle, and iSchool Dean Elizabeth Liddy.

“I appreciate their tireless support and insightful discussions on research as well as for allowing me the freedom to pursue research projects that have helped me grow into a competent and independent scholar,” she says. “The teaching, research and learning opportunities with supportive and enthusiastic professors, Ph.D. peers, staff and students at the iSchool have equipped me with the necessary knowledge, tools and intuition to become an effective teacher, researcher, advisor and mentor.”

“I am so very pleased for Jasy, for her dissertation committee and the great work they did supporting her, and kudos to Dean Liddy for once again guiding her advisee to an award-winning dissertation!” says Professor Steve Sawyer, director of the Ph.D. program at the Syracuse iSchool.

“Our Ph.D. program is defined by its advisor-centered structure; a flexible, interest driven, program of study; and, great students,” Sawyer says, “and Jasy’s an amazing young scholar and has worked so well with Liz and her committee to pursue an innovative topic building on strong methods!”

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USM, PULAU PINANG, 20 Februari 2017 - Sekumpulan sepuluh pelajar dari Pusat Pengajian Sains Komputer (PPSK) yang menggelarkan mereka sebagai Arctic Blaze muncul juara dalam pertandingan “Mosti University Appchallenge” yang berlangsung di Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), di sini semalam.

Pertandingan anjuran dengan kerjasama IEEE SB USM itu adalah inisiatif Kementerian Sains & Teknologi (MOSTI) di bawah MOSTI Inovasi Sosial (MSI), bertujuan menggalakkan pelajar-pelajar universiti tempatan menerokai dunia teknologi, inovasi dan kreativiti dalam cara yang menyeronokkan dan berdaya saing.

Pertandingan yang dibuka penyertaannya kepada semua pelajar universiti berusia 18 - 25 tahun itu memperlihatkan cabaran 48 jam untuk peserta belajar dan membangunkan aplikasi dengan bantuan mentor pakar.

Ketua pasukan Arctic Blaze, Sim Jia Wei berkata, pasukannya telah membangunkan perisian bagi memudahkan pengguna membuat perbandingan harga barangan di pelbagai pusat membeli-belah yang terdapat di sekitar mereka.

“Perisian ini bersifat dua hala yang mana pengguna boleh mengemaskini senarai harga barangan di sesebuah pusat membeli-belah untuk dikongsikan bersama orang lain. Ini dapat memberi manfaat khususnya bagi pengguna membuat pilihan yang bijak dalam membelanjakan wang,” ujarnya.

Kumpulan tersebut membawa pulang hadiah wang tunai berjumlah RM3,500 dan tambahan RM500 sumbangan Majlis penutup dan penyampaian hadiah dilakukan oleh Timbalan Naib Canselor Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni  USM, Profesor Dato’ Dr. Adnan Hussein.